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The Heat is on! Air Conditioner Tips

Posted by: Donje Putnam

Tips to help get the most out of your air conditioner!  The weather forecast has been hot this week-extremely hot!

So how can you help your air conditioning unit keep you cool? Here are some tips:

  1. Extreme heat is hard on your AC, but don't touch that dial! Your air conditioner finds it difficult to keep up if the temperature outside is extremely hot.  Leave your thermostat set where you normally have it during the summer. Moving the dial from 72 to 68 will not change the temperature of the air coming out of the registers. It instead makes the unit run longer to reach the desired temperature. But if your unit is already running full-time to keep the house at 72, moving the dial down will not make the house any cooler.  Expect the AC to run more during the hot part of the summer.
  2. Is your air filter clean? Take a look at your air filter. Change it or clean it if you even THINK it’s dirty. A dirty filter will slow air flow and make you’re a/c unit work harder than it needs to. That costs you extra money and you won’t be as cool. Let us know in the office if you need a new filter!
  3. Close your curtains, shades or blinds. Keeping the sunshine out will help keep your rooms as cool as possible. If you like to have light in your rooms, then close the curtains on the east side of your home in the morning and on the west side in the afternoon. If you have south facing windows you may want to keep them closed all day to help keep the heat down in those rooms.  Here is a map to help you determine which way your windows face. (Up is North).
    MOPOW Map
  4. Do not block air supply registers or returns. The key to comfort in your home is to keep the air flowing. Move furniture around, if necessary, so that you are not blocking any supply or return registers.
  5. Use ceiling fans and/or box fans.  Set ceiling fans so that they blow the air down on you, and use box fans or table fans in rooms to help keep the air moving. Be sure to turn off fans in rooms when you’re not in there. Fans don’t cool the air, they just move the air. If no one is in the room to feel the air movement, turn off the fan.

Wear cool clothes, drink lots of water, and take it easy. Check on your senior neighbors to make sure they are safe, and remember- be sure to give pets LOTS of water and shade if you are taking them outdoors in this heat.  And of course, you can always come jump in the pool! 

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