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Be a Tourist in your own town!

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Summer is closing in on its last month (can you believe?). If you haven't had a chance to head out on a Summer vacation, or take time off to enjoy the sun and gorgeous weather this season, now is your best and last chance.

It may be a challenge to throw together a last minute jaunt out of town, but you can still take advantage of a long weekend, or a day off by vacationing where you live and becoming a tourist in your own town!

Here are 5 ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town to help you plan your "time away." We especially encourage you to invite out of town friends/family members, local friends, coworkers or neighbors to join in and make your vacation at home extra special!

  1. Plan out your adventure. Where do you want to go, which sites have you always wanted to see, how much time do you want to take/spend, etc.? If you're a foodie, perhaps send yourself on a local restaurant tour, or if you adore art, head out for a day or weekend of museum visits, gallery hops and local art openings.
  2. Think like a tourist. If you were visiting, or planning a visit for friends and family, where would you take them? What sites/experiences would you know they HAD to see? Make a list of your favorite touristy hot spots, and add as many into your planned time off as you can.
  3. Head outdoors. Choose an outdoor activity that is specific to your town, whether it's an amazing bike trail, gorgeous oceanfront, or peaceful cruise along the river.
  4. Dine out in style. Choose a restaurant you've always wanted to visit, or heard incredible things about, and make yourself a reservation for brunch, lunch or dinner. Bring friends or a loved one along for company, or dine out solo and enjoy people watching, or bring a book or newspaper to keep you company.
  5. Don't forget your camera. Document your "travels" with your smartphone camera, or digital camera. You'll want to capture your adventures, and keep them to look back on.

Cheers to you! And enjoy your time away.

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