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Top 4 car care tips

Posted by: Donje Putnam
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For those of us that may be car people, nothing is too good for our babies.  We park far out of the way in spaces with no others next to us.  We make people take their shoes off before entering the vehicle.  We carry a chamois in our back pocket, lest it rain. Say what you want, but people who love cars know how to take care of them, and so here are four tips for maintaining your vehicle.

Top 4 car care tips from those who love cars:

  1. Go to a professional for car washes: The professionals know what they are doing, according to a University of Texas study that showed home washing damages finish worse than a car wash.  According to this study, even one hand wash can damage 1/10th of the paint on your car.  The study went on to show that even car washes with brushes were better than a hand wash with a hose.
  2. Wax your vehicle.  This protects your paint from damage.
  3. Keep it in a garage!  At Monticello at Powhatan apartments you can chose to have an attached garage with your apartment.  This keeps rain, hail and the fading qualities of the sun from affecting the paint on your car.
  4. Service your car regularly:  While it might be tempting to ignore the standards in your manual, driving your car on old wheels, with old oil or without changing the various hoses and fluids that make it run properly is not the best way to keep your car going.  The best running cars have their maintenance performed regularly!  Here are some key maintenance checks:
    • Check and change the oil as directed
    • Flush and change coolant regularly as your manual suggests
    • Check and change the transmission fluid as per your manual
    • Hose off winter gunk, or salt from visiting the beach in the summer

Cars are one of the most expensive investments that we make in our lives.  Make sure to take care of yours so that it will last.

Photo by: http2007 via creative commons.


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Donje Putnam has over 15 years experience in the multi-family housing industry and has worked at many different types of apartment communities, from tax credit to high end and from 88 units to 400.  Her favorite thing about being in "the industry" is that you learn a little bit about everything!  She lives in Newport News, VA with her husband, two kids, a very calm dog, a very hyper dog and a very aloof cat. 


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