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Simple Tips to Start Spring Cleaning

Posted by: Mira Roberts

As winter begins to thaw and the weather begins to perk up again in our region, the dusty corners and scuzzy spots in our homes can begin calling to us for a bit of spring renewal and deep cleaning. After a long winter spent cozied up indoors, your apartment probably needs a hearty decluttering and overall scrub down!

If you start your spring cleaning early enough, you’ll have your entire apartment sparkling and fresh by the first day of Spring, and you’ll feel the instant satisfaction of a revived space, all season long. Getting started can often be the hardest part, so we’ve broken down simple steps to help you get cleaning without any delay.

Once you’ve created a plan of attack, gathered your supplies and decluttered the rooms and spaces in your apartment, you’ll be well on your way to completing a thorough and loving spring cleaning of the place you call home. Here’s how to get started and keep going! Happy Spring!

Start With a Plan
Before you dive in and start rooting out dust and dirt in all directions, begin your cleaning process with a basic plan of attack. List out each room in your apartment, then choose an order of rooms to clean first. If you know that your kitchen and bathrooms need extra love and attention, start there. Then, follow up with bedrooms, living spaces and general cleaning (ceiling fans, all baseboards, etc).

Stock Up On Supplies
You can’t get to work without cleaning supplies, so take an inventory of your supplies and head out to stock up on anything you need. Make a list (more lists!) of items that you’ll need before heading to the store, including all-purpose and glass cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, sponges, mops, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, etcetera.

You won’t get far cleaning when you have piles of stuff in the way. Before you put your supplies and products to work, start by decluttering your rooms systematically. Toss out old condiments, spices and expired products. Pick up books and papers and organize them in appropriate places. Tidy up before you wipe and scrub up, and you’ll find the actual cleaning process to be simple and smooth!

Stick With the Basics
Be realistic about your cleaning process and don’t over-complicate matters by obsessing about tiny details along the way. Start by cleaning windows, dusting all surfaces, wiping down doors and cabinets, as well as handles and knobs. Then, tackle baseboards, ceiling fans and pantry or cupboard spaces. After you’ve wiped, dusted and scrubbed, break out your vacuum and broom, before mopping floors, and poof! You’re done!

Appliances Matter
If your appliances haven’t been cleaned out or properly scrubbed in a while, add this to your list. You’ll want to make sure to wipe out and rinse out your refrigerator, as well as your washing machine and dishwasher. Run a cup of white vinegar through your dishwasher, and make sure to remove any debris from the filter. Check your dryer for lint or dust, and give your washer a good run with vinegar as well, to clear out any mildew or muck that may have gathered.

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