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Spruce Up at Home: Summer Decor Ideas We Love

Posted by: Mira Roberts
Monticello at Powhatan Living Room

Now that summer is just getting started, you may be itching to bring the essence of this bright and colorful season indoors. Heavy curtains, dark wood and muted colors may feel cozy and refreshing in winter and early spring, but by July, it may be time to add light, color, texture and new life into your living space!

You don’t have to fully re-decorate your apartment to bring summer vibes into your home. In fact, with just a few accent pieces, changes in drapery and seasonal tablescapes, you can spruce your home up to its summer finest. Pops of color, fresh greenery and a new coat of paint can transform you space for summer without breaking your bank account or your back.

Here are 5 ways to spruce up your space for summer and have your apartment feeling like a summer staycation home in no time!

Brighten Up with Color
The easiest way to make big changes to your space without spending a lot of time or money is simply to add in pops of bright color to the rooms in your home. You can pick up colorful throw pillows and blankets, vases and picture frames, or throw on a new duvet cover and swap out towels and linens. These easy changes will instantly bring fresh energy into your space and have you feeling cool and comfortable at home.

Decorate your dining table, coffee table and side tables with simple, elegant summer tablescapes that bring the essence of summer indoors. Fresh, colorful bouquets, coral and sea glass or other treasures found while combing the beach will have your apartment feeling like a cozy beach cottage in no time.

Houseplants and Colorful Planters
When the season changes, pick up new houseplants and planters to instantly bring color and texture into your home. If you already have houseplants, bring some out to your patio, or simply swap out the planters. Hang baskets with philodendron or fern, or place peace lillies or other floor plants around your living room and bring the outdoors inside (literally)!

Dress Your Windows
Heavy drapes can weigh down any room in summer, so replace them for the season with soft, sheer and flowing curtains instead. You can remove heavy drapes and wash and store until fall, and keep your summer curtains around for years to come. Check out good deals on simple, summer curtains at Target or your nearest Home Goods.

Paint Dark Furniture White
Is your heavy, dark wood furniture starting to feel imposing in the bright, summer season? Head to the hardware store and pick up a coat of white paint or chalk paint, and paint a few of your furnishings in shades of cream, white or light gray. You’ll instantly lighten the look at home by painting dining room chairs, desk chairs, coffee tables or even side tables, and you won’t have to spend much money or time while you’re at it.

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