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5 Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Summer is one of our favorite months in Williamsburg, VA, filled with abundant sunshine, outdoor activities, water sports, cookouts and more. Summer is also a favorite season for mosquitoes, and during summer months, they can come out in droves-especially after times of heavy rain.

Mosquitoes bring with them itchy bites and potential health risks associated with diseases they may be carrying. It’s important to take preventative steps to keep mosquitoes at bay and to avoid areas where they may lay eggs and proliferate, like standing water or dark, shady, humid spaces. You may also want to spray yourself with a safe and doctor-approved bug repellant and consider other natural, home remedies for keeping mosquitoes away from you and your patio or balcony space.

Here are 5 easy, natural ways to repel mosquitoes, so you can get back out and enjoy this sunny season you love!

Remove Standing Water
Mosquitoes flock to areas that contain even tiny amounts of water to lay their eggs. If you keep a watering can, empty pots or canisters on your patio, make sure to dump water and remove them immediately.

Plant Lemongrass, Lavender, Basil or Rosemary
Mosquitoes hate the smell of certain herbs and plants, and lemongrass, lavender, basil and rosemary are a few that they detest most. Even if you aren’t a certified green thumb, it’s worth creating a small container garden on your patio space with rosemary and basil to stave off mosquitoes this summer!

Avoid Perfumes and Scented Shampoos
Mosquitoes are strongly attracted to artificial scents that can come from perfumes, shampoos, sunscreens and fabric softeners. Try to avoid using these as much as possible when you plan to spend time outdoors, and opt for unscented versions of your favorite sunscreens, fabric softeners, soaps and shampoo, in the meantime.

Eat More Garlic
Mosquitoes tend to be repelled by garlic, so feel free to double up on your garlic intake this summer, and let your body do the resisting for you! If you aren’t a big fan of eating garlic, you can also purchase a simple garlic spray or even garlic capsules to help stave off the skeeters!

Watch What You Wear
Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing, so whenever possible, dress in light clothes. While you’re at it, keep as much of your body covered as possible, especially during the morning and at dusk, when mosquitoes tend to be most prevalent.

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