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Decorate Your Walls Without Paint

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Whether you’ve just moved into your new apartment or are preparing for your upcoming move, one of the first things you’ll begin to tackle as you unpack is decorating your walls. No matter how big your space is, it can be overwhelming to think of ways to bring your personal style to your many walls, and finding the right way to color them can seem expensive and like a lot of work.

You can decorate your walls without spending a ton of your hard-earned money and without opening even one can of paint. Whether your personal style lends itself to removable wall graphics and floating shelves or hanging plants and peel and stick wallpaper accent walls, you can bring color, texture and new life into any room in your home without much work.

Here are a few fast and easy ways to decorate your walls without paint, so you can start making your new apartment feel like home!

Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Perfect for creating an accent wall or textured design, peel and stick wallpaper is an easy and inexpensive way to bring color into any room. Be as creative as you like in creating a design that suits your style and your needs, but choose your wallpaper carefully as it can get expensive if you start covering too many walls.

Removable Wall Graphics
Nowadays, you can stop by any craft store or even Target and choose from a variety of stylish and modern removable wall graphics that work just like peel and stick wallpaper. Perfect for creating wall art without having to break your bank account, these simple and elegant graphics can transform just about any wall space with little work and a tight budget.

Floating Wall Shelves
Kill two birds with one stone, and choose floating wall shelves to store your belongings and decorate your walls. Choose from a variety of styles and shapes depending on your personal style and needs, and hang floating shelves in your living room, bedroom and even home office space for a convenient, chic wall design.

Houseplants For the Win
Hanging houseplants is one of the simplest and most elegant ways to decorate, and it’s good for your air quality. Choose from a variety of hanging basket styles, before stopping by your local nursery and asking for tips on which plants do best in your particular space. While you’re at it, consider picking up tall plants to place in corners, that can bring depth and dimension to your walls and rooms without much work.

Deck Your Walls With Art
You don’t have to be a fine artist or have a huge decorating budget to pick up a few pieces of wall art to complete a room or two. Stop by Target for inexpensive frames and simple prints that you can frame yourself. Consider printing out a variety of your photographs from your most recent travels and frame them for hanging in your bedroom space or living area. Even a quick stop by your favorite thrift store might lead to a few inexpensive pieces of vintage artwork that you can hang easily without breaking your bank account.

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