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Simple Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Fall is the season for change, as it ushers in cooler temperatures, shorter days and more time spent indoors. As things change outside, make a commitment to changing things up inside by giving your apartment extra care and attention.

Preparing your home for cold weather months is fairly simple, and can be completed over the course of a weekend. Taking steps now to thoroughly clean, sanitize and prepare for a season of cozying up indoors will ensure your comfort and well-being, all winter long.

Here are simple home maintenance tips for fall to help you get your apartment ready for a new season in beautiful, Williamsburg, VA.

Prep for More Time Indoors
If you’re still sleeping in your summer bedding and wearing flip-flops to the grocery store, now is the time to make a change. Start preparing for more time spent indoors by switching out your bedding, and choose flannel sheets and heavier comforters instead. Pack up your summer clothes and accessories, and bring your scarves, hats, gloves, boots, sweaters and coats to the front of your closet for easy access. Add plush throw blankets to your couches and chairs, and break out your slow cooker and prepare to cook up warm soups and stews, all season long.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning
Since you’ll spend more time indoors during the fall and winter, it’s the perfect time to deep clean at home and ensure that your space is dust-free and peacefully clean. Dust baseboards, wipe down fan blades, clean out your oven, wipe down your refrigerator, declutter your pantry and medicine cabinet and spot clean carpets and rugs.

Germ season is in full effect, and that means you need to take extra precautions at home to keep bacteria and sickness at bay. Start by wiping down doors, door knobs, cabinet pulls, light switch covers, remotes and other electronic devices that get a lot of use. Give your bathroom sink, toilet and shower a thorough scrub down, and make sure to wash your hands regularly.

Plant & Light Therapy
Seasonal depression is real, and if you know that your mood tends to be affected by the lack of sunlight and exposure to Vitamin D, take steps now to ensure a stress-free and happy season ahead. One way to do this is to bring plants inside your home to help clean and purify the air and brighten your mood. Also, consider investing in a light therapy lamp that will mimic outdoor light and allow you to improve your mood throughout the season at home.

Emergency Checklist
Fall and winter can bring extreme weather conditions that include heavy snow and icy sidewalks and roads. You’ll want to prepare for an emergency now, so that you aren’t scrambling when January comes around. Make a checklist of the items that you need to keep handy throughout the season, including cold weather gear, boots, sidewalk salt, a shovel, scraper, batteries, flashlights, battery-powered radio and other items that may be specific to your personal needs.

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