Easy Beach Getaways In Hampton Roads

by | Jul 30, 2019 | News & Events

Beach getawaysThere’s something about Summer that has us constantly longing for an impromptu getaway. Maybe it’s all of the glorious, bright sunshine, or maybe it’s our memories of Summer break as kids that has us wishing to zip away on an adventure. Either way, once June arrives, the itch to get out and go starts nagging, and we start plotting our next escape.

For most of us, preserving vacation time is important, and with responsibilities like pets and family still counting on us year-round, it isn’t easy heading off for a weeklong jaunt every other weekend. We’ve discovered our sweet spot for exploration and leisure in the cost-effective and time sensitive¬†day trip.

We define a “day trip” as a trip that can be completed from start to finish in the time between sun up and sun down. Perfect for every sunny Saturday or Sunday all season long, day trips make it easy to enjoy the beautiful region we live in, while not breaking your bank, or requiring you to hop a plane, train or bus.

If you’ve been bitten by the bug to zoom out and explore, we encourage you to grab a friend, a coworker or head out on your own, and check out any one of these easily accessed day trips this Summer.

  1. First Landing State Park. Bike, hike, run or camp out on the trails or the beaches of one of Virginia’s most beautiful natural landmarks. First Landing State Park is located in Virginia Beach, and sprawls across gorgeous wooded terrain overlooking sparkling waters and extending out onto sandy beaches and dunes. Bring your pet, your partner or your best friend, and spend a day exploring the riches of nature.
  2. Buckroe Beach and Park. Stretching out along the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton, VA, Buckroe Beach and Park is a perfect fit for a family day trip. Featuring 8 acres of clean, sandy beach, a playground, picnic area with grills, charming walking and biking trail and convenient parking, Buckroe beach is a no brainer.
  3. Bay Country Kayaking. Heading out on an eco tour with Bay Country Kayaking is an unforgettable experience, and includes some pretty incredible bird watching and views of regional, natural wildlife. Located just south of Williamsburg, these kayak tours explore the coastal waters of Virginia, and are as educational as they are peaceful.
  4. York River State Park. This historic and unique natural treasure in Williamsburg is a beautiful spot for hiking, biking, riding on horseback, fishing, boating and more. Bring the family for picnics and playgrounds, or a group of friends with a penchant for exploring outdoors, and enjoy navigating the well-preserved grounds of this stunning state park.
  5. Ocean View Beach Park. This 6.5 acre beach on the coast of Norfolk regularly features daytime and sunset festivals through the summer months. In addition, OV park has a beautiful boardwalk and enough sandy beach for taking long walks, or relaxing back in the sun.
  6. Virginia Capital Trail. Cyclists and historians alike will enjoy biking this 54 mile route from Jamestown to Richmond. Highlighting “the rich cultural, historic and assets along Route 5,” this gorgeous trek will have you building up a sweat and a deeper understanding of regional history.