At Monticello at Powhatan, we’re pet owners and lovers ourselves, and we know that our pets provide endless amounts of positive benefits to our lives. Being a pet owner comes with more than just fur to clean up and slobbery kisses. Your pets are actually, scientifically good for your health (but you already knew that!).

In fact, studies show that having a pet in your life means having lower blood pressure, reduced stress, more exercise and socialization and a lower risk for depression. The bond you share with your pet not only increases your happiness, but it lowers your cholesterol, boosts your mood, increases your fitness and gives you lasting connection that is good for your soul.

Your pets are important, and their happiness has always mattered to you. Now, you can celebrate the many ways that your happiness is increased because of your dog or cat.

Here are just a few reasons your pet is good for your health…

Lower Blood Pressure
Your pets not only give you love, affection and cuddles when you need it, but they also lower your blood pressure. Pet owners tend to exercise more and play with their pets, getting their heart rates going. Pets also provide companionship and a sense of calm that helps to lower blood pressure while reducing your stress.

More Movement
Dog owners know that a day without a walk is no longer an option. Dog owners and cat owners have to move more to take care of their furry family members. Dog owners, in particular, tend to get more exercise and movement than those who don’t own pets, and this is good for your health in a number of ways, including your heart, weight and mental health.

Socialization & Companionship
Pet owners tend to find other pet owners, and dog owners in particular tend to make new friends at the dog park, out for regular walks or just around the community with their pups. It’s hard to stay lonely when you have a loving, four-legged friend around, and pets provide unconditional love and companionship that can’t be beat.

Lower Cholesterol
It’s true that being a pet owner will likely help to lower your cholesterol, as you move more, have less stress, feel more connected and enjoy being social and outside with the four-legged family member you love.

Boost Your Mood
Pets aren’t just good for physical health. They’re also good for your mental health, providing you with love and affection, regardless of what else is happening in your life. Winter blues tend to be less blue when you have a pet to cozy up with at home each day. Pets who get their owners up and moving help their owners to get endorphins that boost their moods and lift their spirits.