Now that spring is in full bloom, you might feel like bringing some of that fresh, colorful energy into your apartment design. The good news is that sprucing up your space and making updates to your design aesthetic doesn’t have to be expensive.

In fact, decorating your apartment should be fun and a chance for you to express your personality at home. Whether you’re ready to cover empty floors and walls or add pops of color and texture to your rooms, you can do it all and for less than you’d expect with these simple budget decorating tips.

Cover Empty Wall Space
There are a variety of ways to bring color and texture to empty walls, and they won’t require you to paint, hack into your walls or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive art work.

If blank walls are bringing down your design aesthetic, consider using peel and stick wallpaper to create an accent wall. These are generally affordable and as easy to put on as they are to peel off.

You can also print a variety of your favorite photos, frame them yourself and create a beautiful gallery wall in your bedroom, living room, hallway or entryway.

Spruce Up Your Floors
Nowadays, finding inexpensive rugs to tie your bedroom or living room together is easy. Shop online for deals, or check out Target and Home Goods. Area rugs even work well over carpet, in rooms where you really need pops of color or want to create an extra cozy feel. Pet owners may want to spring for rugs that can be easily washed, and they’ll enjoy the added bonus of protecting their floors and carpet from pet hair, scratches and accidents.

Plant Power
Plants are an economical way to freshen the air in your apartment and bring color and texture into those empty corners. Line your mantle or bookshelf in colorful succulents, hang a beautiful philodendron from the ceiling or purchase a large, majesty palm to fill empty space with its gorgeous green fronds.

Throw Pillows
When you need to add pops of color to your living room and bedroom, purchasing just a few throw pillows will do the trick. If you already have pillows you love, search for pillow covers to freshen your look. Target, Home Goods and even Amazon sell affordable throw pillows in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Brighten Your Lighting
Overhead lighting is great when you need it, but to really make your apartment cozy you’ll need a floor lamp and a few table lamps to set the mood. Invest in good, quality light bulbs that give you softer or brighter light, depending on your preferences. Be bold with your lamp design, and choose colorful lamps and shades that really stand out in rooms that need extra color and texture.