Spring and summer weather call for patio season. Whether you’ve recently moved into an apartment with a patio or are ready to update your outdoor decor, we have simple tips to get you started.

Giving your patio or balcony a quick refresh is easy when you stick to the basics. Swap out dated textiles, add a few plants and good lighting and keep the furnishings functional and transitional.

Get ready to dine al fresco or sip saturday morning coffees as the sun rises on your stylish, private patio.

A new rug, bright pillow covers and a colorful pouf or two can make an instant impact on a small balcony or patio space. Outdoor rugs help tie your space together, and they’re easy to clean and care for. If your pillows are still in good shape, just replace the covers. Be sure to choose products that were designed for the elements and are durable in sunlight and humidity.

Less is More
If your patio or balcony space has begun to feel crowded and over decorated, it may be time to pare down and get back to basics. Less is always more in a small space. Avoid overcrowding your patio with bulky furnishings or trying to cram too many seats or plants into a too tight space. It should be usable and relaxing, and that means leaving room to move around and rest.

Multi-Functional Furnishings
One way to help avoid overcrowding furniture in a small space is to choose multi-functional furniture. Consider choosing small poufs that can double as seating or foot stools. Purchase side and coffee tables that open up to offer additional storage.You’ll maximize your space and get the best use out of your furnishings.

Plants & Flowers
Nothing quite brings a space together like plant life. Whether you prefer to grow a small container garden or just plant your favorite flowers and greenery for decor, plants add texture and color that will bring your patio to life. If space is tight, consider hanging plants or installing a low profile plant shelf to help you maximize your floor space.

If you intend to use your patio or balcony space into the evenings or before the sun rises, you’ll need the right lighting. Small patios or balconies don’t need tons of additional light, so a small lamp or string of lights might do the trick. Lanterns with large LED candles inside may set the mood for evening down time with friends and loved ones, as well.