Moving into an apartment that feels exactly like home is what you’ve been looking for, but it won’t feel complete until you bring home the pet you’ve been longing for. The good news is that signing a lease with Signature Management ‘s pet friendly apartments means that you can bring home a four-legged family member with ease.

Your puppy will get all the exercise he needs on our lush, green property or on surrounding walking or jogging trails. Cats can settle into perfect sunbathing spots in apartments and townhomes designed with huge windows and tons of natural light.

Adopting a pet is good for your health and heart, and choosing the right one for your apartment is an exciting and rewarding process. If you’re ready to start searching out your newest fur-baby to bring home to Monticello at Powhatan, here are a few ideas to help get you started.


Future dog owners know that the love of a canine best friend is unlike any other. Dogs also come with a lot of work and are a serious commitment. Adopting a dog means being responsible for their care, exercise, health and diet.

Choosing a breed that fits your personality and your space and surroundings is important, too. You wouldn’t want to bring home a dog that needs to run for miles a day when you know you don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with him. You won’t want an overly anxious or barky dog that will disturb your neighbors and cause stress for those around you, but you might also want an active dog who can get out and enjoy socializing and exercise on your time off.

If you’re ready to bring a pup home to your new apartment, we recommend the following as great breeds for apartment living:

  1. Pug
  2. French Bulldog
  3. King Charles Spaniel
  4. Greyhound
  5. Boston Terrier

Cat owners know that caring for a cat is pet owner purrr-fection, and coming home to a graceful, loving cat or kitten is a rewarding experience. Cats don’t require quite as much attention, time and energy as dogs do, but they do still require care. Choosing to bring a cat home means being responsible for playing with them, keeping their nails trimmed and groomed, feeding them, giving them cozy places to sleep and rest and taking them for regular vet appointments.

Some cat personalities mesh better than others, and choosing the right cat is about knowing what kind of lifestyle and relationship you’ll share with your fabulous feline. You may prefer a more affectionate cat than an aloof cat, and you probably want a cat that doesn’t shed enormous amounts of hair or who acts clingy and nervous.

Here are 5 cat breeds we recommend for paw-some apartment living:

  1. Maine coon
  2. Ragdoll
  3. Russian Blue
  4. British Shorthair
  5. Persian


Monticello at Powhatan is a pet friendly apartment community and welcomes dogs and cats up to 100 pounds.