Decorating for the holidays is part of what makes this time of year special, as we bring the colors, scents and sounds of the season into our homes. As we begin this unusual holiday season, holiday decorating may feel like one of the few traditions that can remain unchanged by the global pandemic.

If going all out on elaborate decor isn’t in your budget this year, you can still decorate your home without breaking your bank. Choose simple, natural elements to craft your centerpieces and DIY your own wreaths. Grab a few festive throw pillows and blankets or simply string ribbon and bows around the rooms in your home.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, feeling the spirit of the season is something we could all benefit from. Here are easy and affordable holiday decor ideas we love to get your holiday season started right.

Festive Bows
An easy way to bring pops of holiday color and cheer into your home is with holiday ribbon and festive bows. Gather shiny, festive bows into glass jars and place them across your fireplace mantel, tie or wrap holiday ribbon around dining room chairs, along wreaths and stair railings. You’ll spend less than $20 to bring the spirit of the holidays home with this simple idea we love.

Upcycle Old Ornaments
Use old ornaments to re-imagine your holiday decor this year by gathering shiny balls in glass jars or on cake stands for centerpiece ideas. Hang ornaments from simple wreaths or string them along garland at your fireplace mantel. Place small, artificial trees in your bedrooms and decorate with your favorite ornaments from holidays past.

Make Your Own Wreath
Ordering a new wreath each year can be pricey, but going DIY is cost-effective and fun – even if you aren’t particularly crafty. Purchase a medium to large artificial wreath and decorate with festive bows, ribbon, favorite ornaments or other sparkly decor items. If crafts are not your thing, just keep it simple by choosing one decor theme as central and sticking to it.

Simple Centerpieces
Rather than blowing your budget on a pricey and elaborate centerpiece, try putting together something simple on your own. Gather shiny ornaments onto a crystal cake tray or use natural elements – twigs, pine cones and sprigs of holly as the focus of your dinner table attention. Choose a festive container and purchase flower foam. Stick the natural items into the foam and add ornaments, flowers, sprigs of holly or pine cones to complete the colorful and textured look.

Seasonal Pillow Covers, Blankets and Towels
If going all out on holiday decor just isn’t your thing, you can still infuse the spirit of the holidays by adding in a few seasonal throw pillows, blankets and hand towels. Spend less than $100 for everything you need, and the added bonus is that you can wash, pack up and reuse, year after year.