No matter what your summer plans may be this year, starting a simple garden at home is a rewarding project that will bring color and life into your home. If your vision of a summer garden is a sprawling, backyard setup, think again. Indoor gardening is easy and fun, and the only things you’ll need to get started are space and sunlight.

If space is limited, hang a planter garden from an old garment rack or from hooks on the ceiling. Take advantage of empty bookshelves, or for herb gardeners, place on your kitchen countertops for convenience and ease. Even a windowsill is a perfect place to grow plants, as long as you have the right planters and a gardening tray.

Whether you’re keeping social and physical distance at home this summer or simply looking for a rewarding project to bring renewed joy into your life, planting an indoor garden is a simple and creative way to do it.

Here are easy, indoor gardening ideas we love.

Hanging Planter Gardens
Hanging plants is an easy way to bring greenery and growth into your home without taking up space and creating clutter. There are a few ways you can do this, and all are fairly simple. Either hang planters from hooks attached to the ceiling (you’ll want to make sure these are not heavy plants), making sure to cut back any growth that may begin to extend toward bookshelves or even onto the top of your head. If you have an old garment rack you can hang several varieties of plants from that, and display it in an empty corner of your living room.

Windowsill for the Win
Take advantage of empty windowsill space and plant small succulents, herbs or other hardy, no fuss plants in small planters on your sill. You’ll want to make sure that you place planters inside a gardening tray to prevent any drainage from leaking onto your sill, but other than that, small plants can thrive here.

Countertops of Color
Countertops can often be overlooked as perfect spots for planting indoors, but these make for convenient places for planting herb gardens, especially. Consider planting hydroponic herb planters on your kitchen countertop, particularly in a dead space that you don’t use often. Hydroponic planters are self-watering and perfect for those whose thumbs haven’t quite turned green just yet. As a bonus, every time you cook up a grand italian meal or a delightful, fresh salad, you’ll have herbs and seasoning to add, right from your own home.

Who says bookshelves are only good for displaying and storing books? Plants can grow easily and happily here, and add texture and dimension to an empty or simple bookshelf. You can use an entire bookshelf for plants of your choosing, or place plants throughout to fill empty spaces and gaps. Make sure to place gardening trays underneath those planters, to prevent drainage leaking out onto wood shelves or your favorite books.