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5 Moving Hacks We Love

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Anyone who has ever moved knows that you can count it as one of the most stressful times in life. It isn’t just the endless organizing, packing, moving, unpacking and re-organizing that makes it ultra challenging, but it’s also in the overwhelm of planning and getting the process started.

If your move is coming up more quickly than you realized, and you’re finding yourself paralyzed by the process and confused about where to even begin, there’s good news. We’ve chosen 5 basic moving hacks that you can get to work on today, to help you jumpstart your moving process and get the wheels in motion toward your new apartment or townhome.

There are a lot of choices to make when moving, but we think the most important choice a person can make is to choose to keep things as simple as possible. By simply hiring movers, purging old furnishings and items that you no longer need and stocking your new apartment with the basics you’ll need to settle in comfortably, you’ll go a long way to making your move less stressful and more exciting.

Here are 5 easy moving hacks we love!

Hire Movers
We know you probably can move your belongings by yourself or with a group of strong friends, but when push comes to shove, if you can afford to hire movers, we recommend doing it. Movers are qualified to move your items safely and carefully, and because they do it for a living, they’re fast and effective. Also, hiring movers will free you up on moving day to tend to your pets, family members or just other details that inevitably require your attention. Save money in other areas if you need to, but budget for movers, and we promise, you’ll thank us later!

Declutter/Purge/Get Rid of Stuff
Before you begin packing, take a few days to declutter your existing space to pare down your belongings and make your move easier. Purge anything that you don’t need or or love. Give away to friends or family members, donate, consign, sell or just throw out items that take up space and weigh you down (literally), and you’ll have a smoother and less expensive move to look forward to.

Ask Local Retailers/Friends for Leftover Boxes
When it’s time to pack, save money on boxes by asking local retailers to give you their boxes. Have a friend who recently moved? Offer to buy her boxes off her hands for half the price. Grocery stores, wine stores, liquor stores and a variety of other retailers generally have inventory days each week, and are happy to give you their leftover boxes rather than having to break them down and throw them out.

Plastic Wrap & Garbage Bags
Packing can become tedious fast, especially when it comes to your kitchen and closets. There are a few packing hacks that can cut your packing time down and make for easier unpacking on the other side. Wrap silverware trays in plastic wrap, as well as any other trays of individual items that need to be neatly bound together. Use garbage bags like you would a garment bag, and pack clothes together neatly without having to remove from hangers or spend a lot on expensive bags and coverings. Move your knives safely by placing them inside oven mitts, and pack up breakables inside your linens and towels to consolidate space and prevent breaking.

Stock Your New Fridge
Once your packing is over and you have your move scheduled, take the time to pack a bag of necessities to take to your new home before your big move. Stock your fridge with drinks, snacks and other food items that will likely save you at the end of a long moving day. Fill your pantry with coffee, paper towels, salt and pepper shakers and any other must-have for the day of your arrival. Make sure to include a set of silverware, a dish sponge and some detergent, and you’ll be on your way!

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