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Simple Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Summer is in full swing in Williamsburg, VA, and that means there’s more extreme heat and humidity to come. While summer is the perfect season to head outdoors with your four-legged family members and explore our gorgeous property and walk-able neighborhood, it’s also the season for ticks, fleas, dangerously high temperatures and boiling hot sidewalks. 

While you may know how best to keep yourself hydrated and comfortable on hot days, your pet’s needs can be somewhat different. If your animal has a long or heavy coat, needs a lot of outdoor exercise (we’re looking at our large breed dogs) or simply spends time with you outside, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep them cool, comfortable and safe. 

One of the most important ways to keep your pup feeling his best in summer is to ensure that you give him constant access to fresh, cool water. Even on short jogs or your typical evening walk, in extreme heat, your pup can become dehydrated and overheated fast. It’s also important to schedule a visit to your vet, to make sure that you have a preventative flea, tick and parasite (think heartworms) program in place. And while you’re at it, discuss ways that you may need to adjust your pet’s diet during the hot weather months. 

We want you and your dog to enjoy another beautiful season of sunshine in our gorgeous city, and that’s why we’ve come up with these simple summer safety tips to help you both stay smiling, all season long.

Keeping your pup hydrated is essential to his health at all times, and especially in summer. When you head out for walks, make sure to pack a bottle of cool water and a bowl, so you can hydrate him along the way. At home, keep your pet’s water bowl clean and refreshed regularly, so that he can drink as he pleases throughout the day.

Flea/Tick Prevention
Summer is the season for the proliferation of fleas and ticks, and these critters can carry harmful diseases that can put your pet at serious risk. Prevention is key, so make a visit to your veterinarian and choose a flea and tick prevention program that works just right for your pet. 

Cool Down the Walks
When temperatures are high, play it safe, and avoid heading out for more than a few minutes (if at all). Plan to schedule your walks during the early morning hours or in the evenings, when temperatures are coolest. Be mindful of walking your pup on hot sidewalks, black asphalt or on sandy beaches that all reflect the sun and can be harmful to your pet’s paws. Try to stick to grassy paths or walk beside sidewalks to keep his paws cool and comfortable. 

Never Leave Inside the Car
We know your dog likes to go where you go, but in summer, it’s a good idea to leave her home. Even a few minutes kept inside a car during hot, summer temperatures can become extremely dangerous to your dog’s health, putting her at risk for dehydration and heat stroke. Choose to spend extra time with your pup at home or in the shade, but nix the car rides until fall.

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